Thanks to everyone who attended 29th National Garden Railway Convention

We hope you enjoyed your visit to Cincinnati, Northern Kentucky and Dayton and our convention!!!

Pictures from Convention provided by attendees.

5 Responses to Thanks to everyone who attended 29th National Garden Railway Convention

  1. john hutt says:

    Good convention for Rulers-of-the-world.
    I’d like to know final attendance numbers, so we can compare with other shows.
    Only problem, which is typical for NGRCs, On the last day all the public can see is exhausted and tired Vendors. There are no Layouts at the Convention Site for visitors.
    For future NGRCs, at least the local GR Club should set up a layout at the convention site, for the pulic to see. At the ECLSTS there are a lot of layouts for all to see.

  2. Mark and Sheree Bartel says:

    We had an excellent time and enjoyed ourselves as we were at the convention. We stayed at the Wolf Ledge which was very nice and clean. The layouts we visited on the bus tours were spectacular. Everyone was very nice at the layouts and the show. The bus drivers and aids were excellent. The schedule of dinners and such was perfect. We want to thank everyone for a memorable train trip!

  3. “29th National Garden Railway Convention” genuinely got me personally hooked with your web-site!
    I reallywill probably be returning more often. Thank you -Marcy

  4. Charles Bartel says:

    Charles and Bonny Bartel
    Yes the above is my borther! He is in his 50′s I am in my 70′s. It was the firt convention for both of us, though we have had trains preteen. It was a blast to say the least. We met some great people and I hope have a couple of friends for life. I was amazed at how well we “fit” into the group on the busses we took. The layouts we visited were the greatest. And I have now changed my layout plans to implmenet some things that I was exposed to. The vendors on site were strong supporters of the hobby, providing not only their products, but their knowledge. And the second was more important than the first to me.
    Hats off the crew that pulled this together. We have lots of pictures to share (which I have already done for Day 1 with the Western New York Garden Railway Society at the June meeting).

  5. Thank you for hosting a convention in a city rich in railroad history. So many of the local backyard railroaders impressed us with their efforts and passion to preserve train lore by sharing their extensive knowledge and know-how. This love of trains and the skills required to illustrate how important railroads were in the making of America, is brilliantly displayed at EnterTrainMent Junction. The evening there blew us away! So many people worked as ambassadors for the train clubs, but one couple in particular, Jim & Lorinda Shell, positively impressed us with their genuineness. Thank you for an exceptional experience. Mary Beth & Andy Sloan

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